What’s The Best Way To Get Stains Off A Pool Floor?

If you're a pool owner, you might be thinking... "It's just a stain! Who cares?" Well, not only does it look gross with all the dirt and debris on your pool floor, but over time that dirt will start to clump up and form more stains. If you don't want to put in the work yourself, hire someone who knows how to get those stubborn stains off for you! 

But before jumping into this guide on removing stains from the pool floor, let's discuss why they're even there in the first place.  So if this sounds like something that has been bothering you lately or maybe something new that popped up recently because of an event , then read on!

What causes pool stains?

Organic pool stains are caused by organic materials like leaves, dirt, and other debris. These substances can settle on the pool floor or spa surfaces over time if they aren't removed regularly or during vacuuming. This causes discoloration in your pool's water (and green algae).


Metal pool stains come from metal that is introduced into the pool through different sources - some natural and others not so much! Mineral deposits from a well may leave rust-colored streaks on the walls of your pool. Copper pipes in a home's plumbing system might lead to brownish marks around any fixtures with copper fittings such as faucets or light switches.

Knowing what causes pool stains will give pool owners the following benefits:

  • Get the pool sparkling and clear in just a few hours

  • Prevent green algae growth that can be detrimental to your water quality

  • Prevent costly repairs from metal pool stains

  • Keep your pool clean and attractive

  • Maintain a healthy water balance in your pool

  • Stop unsightly stains with a metal remover professional

  • Prevent future stains from occurring

  • The best way to safeguard your investment


What does this mean for me? 

Well it means you need to take the time to be proactive and survey your pool for any metal or organic element that could cause stains.

Now you know the causes of pool stain, what's the best way to get them off? 

There are a few things you can do:

  • Treat pool surfaces with an organic remover like Nature's Pool or Clear water Care if it is caused by leaves or other organic debris. Then remove all traces from the surface with a green scrubber pad.

  • Add Metal Free pool filter cartridges in your system if there is metal present in your pool as they will have chemicals designed specifically for removing metals such as copper stains. These filters should also help improve chlorine efficiency and reduce slime production - which means less work on your part!

When it comes to the actual removal process, you can use three different ways:

  • Manual cleaning using acid etching products

  • Chemical treatments for removing chlorine resistant stains

  • A robotic pool cleaner that's designed specifically for this task


The first way is more labor intensive than the others but will leave you with an even better finish in a shorter amount of time because it actually removes all those layers of dirt that built up over time into one big stain. The pool will be thoroughly cleaned and look like new again.

The second option is a good choice if you don't want to get your hands dirty, but it does require time as well as money for pool chemicals. You may also need to scrub the pool multiple times depending on how resistant the stain is.

Finally, some robotic cleaners are designed specifically for cleaning pool floors! They have more powerful and stronger suction than other types of pool cleaners because they draw dirt out from deep within the grout lines - without any manual effort required at all!

It's important that you take care not to use too much force when removing stains or else you might end up doing more harm than good. A soft bristled brush can work wonders , but it's important to make sure the pool is not too wet before you start scrubbing.

If your pool still has stains despite all of your efforts, then it's time for a pool remodel or resurfacing! There are many benefits that come with having new pool surfaces installed - namely in how clean and beautiful they look from day one!

If you are not sure what might be causing your pool stains, it may be time to call in a professional. Take the steps to prevent future metal stains and keep your pool looking clean and attractive for years!

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