What Are The Best Ways To Get My Pool Clean?

We all know that swimming pools are a luxury, and they're not cheap. It's important to take care of them so they last for years to come! While you might be tempted to try your hand at cleaning the pool yourself without any professional help, it can be difficult and time consuming. Your best bet is to find a reputable company near you who specializes in pool maintenance and see what kind of services they offer. They will provide affordable rates while taking care of all the details for you! Why not give them a call today?

Why Should I Keep My Pool Clean?

A clean pool is a safe pool - harmful contaminants like dirt, debris and bacteria can get into the water through leaves falling from trees, rain runoff or other sources. One of the most common causes of illness in kids between one and two years old are swimming pools! Keeping your pool cleaner means you'll be protecting everyone's health while they're enjoying their time at home with friends and family.


Benefits of well maintained pools:

  • Cleaner pools mean a safer pool

  • Protect your family's health

  • Keeps the water cleaner and clearer for longer periods of time

  • Helps maintain water clarity with fewer chemicals


How to Keep My Pool Clean?

  • Choose pool cleaners and vacuums that are easy to use with the appropriate power requirements for your pool type and size

  • Maintain a consistent, daily schedule of cleaning tasks (e.g., brush skimmers every day)

  • Vacuum at least twice per week or more often if you have heavy debris like leaves in the water column - this will keep dirt from building up on your bottom drain or filter basket

  • Check filters regularly to make sure they're clean as well! If they need changing out, do so promptly before any problems arise.

What Happens When I Fail to Regularly Keep My Pool Clean? 

Excess dirt and debris can cause water quality issues like high levels of chlorine or unbalanced pH

A dirty pool also creates the perfect environment for algae to grow, which will lead to cloudy water

Algae is unsightly and can reduce your filter's efficiency, leading to more frequent cleanings (or expensive equipment replacement)

The advantages of regular pool cleaning:

  • Save money and time by maintaining a clean pool

  • Keep your water visibly crystal clear

  • Maintain proper chemical balance in the water

  • Have a cleaner, prettier, and cost-effective looking pool


If you have a salt system: Salt systems are sensitive. When not maintained properly they’ll experience significant damage that could cost thousands in repairs! If this happens, it’s likely time for an upgrade as well...not just repairs. Check with your pool professional on what best practices would be if you're unsure how often is too often.

The disadvantages of regular pool cleaning:

  • It takes time and effort.

  • Pool chemicals can be expensive, depending on what you're using. Pool equipment (such as vacuums) may also require a cost investment for proper upkeep.

  • In extreme cases, your pool filter could become clogged from too much debris which will need to be repaired or replaced if it's already worn out/broken. This is a more costly repair than the typical maintenance expense a well-maintained filter would have!

  • A dirty pool not only looks unsightly but has an odor that’s just downright unpleasant in some instances - especially when people are spending lots of time swimming in it! Even worse still, if bacteria breeds unchecked it can cause many kinds of illnesses that can be fatal.


It’s important to take care of pool maintenance so that you can avoid these types of problems and enjoy your pool for years without worry.

If you enjoy swimming and spending time with your family, then chances are you have a pool in your backyard. With so many benefits to owning one of these amazing pieces of aquatic real estate comes the responsibility for maintaining it. In order to keep up on all the maintenance required by pools, contact your pool cleaning service today! 

Pool professionals who specialize in helping owners maintain their clean water-filled oasis while protecting themselves and others from accidents that could lead to serious injuries or illnesses such as E-coli infection, Cryptosporidium infection or Giardia parasite infections. When they take care of your pool cleaning needs you can spend more time enjoying what matters most – life's simple pleasures like kicking back beside the sparkling blue waters with friends.

Do You Need a Pool Cleaning Service You Can Trust?

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