The park's six acres of shade provide a welcome respite from the summer sun and offer a range of recreational opportunities. The majority of Boone Acres is open parkland, complete with large grass lawns, leafy trees for climbing or lounging under, and even a dirt track, suitable for a fast jog with man's best friend.

The hilly concrete paths that circle around the grassy areas near the playground are popular with kids who enjoy riding their scooters and bikes. A full-sized volleyball court, complete with a standard net and a sand surface, sits in the center of one grassy expanse, similar to beach volleyball. The rally can be viewed from any of the five picnic tables situated in a grove adjacent to the court. The redwood canopy overhead shades each table, which comes with its own barbeque.

A spacious playground area with three different play structures, several swings, and a large, sandy base is also available at Boone Acres. This jungle gym has a unique twist with fun extras like hopscotch, a tic-tac-toe game, and a map that teaches kids the Braille alphabet.

There are plenty of shaded benches in front of the playground for parents to take a break from the heat while watching their children dig in the sand. Just a short walk from the park's picnic area, men's and women's bathrooms, as well as a drinking fountain, are situated next to the playground equipment.

Your kids will like the climbing structures and monkey bars, and the zipline and chair swing are fun and unique. The fact that the park is fenced in for street protection is an additional bonus.

A wonderful community park, which is, as is customary, located near a kindergarten. There are various activities for children to enjoy, including a miniature simulated rock wall that leads to a slide. A pleasant winding path winds around and through the place, making it perfect for walking or jogging. Lots of grass, a blankie, and a fast bite to eat

This park is held in good condition and is rarely crowded. There are public BBQ grills and picnic tables, as well as two bathrooms near the jungle gym. There's also a small sand pit, as well as shaded benches where parents can relax and watch their children play.

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