Brook Street Park is one of the best parks in Lafayette, CA. It has plenty of play equipment for all ages and a great lawn for picnics. The park has something to offer everyone!

About Brook Street Park

Brook Street Park is one of the most popular parks in Lafayette. The park has two play areas, one for toddlers and preschoolers that includes slides, swings, seesaws, a spinning toy block tower and an interactive water table with tipping buckets; the other area caters to older children aged six-12 years old who can enjoy larger equipment such as bridges, balance beams and climbing structures.


There are also plenty of picnic benches where families have been known to spend entire days on long summer afternoons.

The grounds at Brook Street Park provide wonderful scenery year round - during the winter there's a large lagoon near the playgrounds perfect for ice skating or just watching snow fall from afar when it feels as though you're living inside a snow globe.

The City of Lafayette is committed to preserving our natural resources and environment as well as providing a place for residents to recreate, succeed and thrive in life.

One of the city's key goals is to provide a safe outdoor space for all residents and visitors. Brook Street Park has been designed with picnic tables, bridges, balance beams and climbing structures so that it appeals to children of different ages as well as parents looking for an oasis among towering trees.

The park also offers plenty of shade from mature oak trees - perfect on days when the heat gets too intense or if you'd just rather relax in peace than chase after your little ones amid noise and activity at one of Lafayette's many playgrounds.

If you have time before heading back home, stop by the lagoon near the "Tot Spot" area where there are swing sets! This can be a lovely place to spend some time before you have to head back home.

Tot Spot: Shaded, the Tot Spot is an area designed for children ages one through five years old with play structures and picnic tables - perfect for a quick lunch break! The tot spot also features landscaping that provides plenty of shady nooks where mothers can relax while their little ones explore this safe outdoor space.

Bridge: This bridge spans over the lagoon on the east side of Brook Street Park near Lafayette's Tot Spot playground. It offers some fantastic views of furry friends fishing in clear water below - who knows what else might be hiding under those cool waters? There are several benches nearby so visitors can stop and enjoy this peaceful oasis tucked away from city traffic just off Highway 101.

This beautiful bridge features a great view of the lagoon on one side and plenty of benches for visitors to sit down, sketch or just enjoy some peace and quiet with friends. The park is open from sunrise to sunset everyday so there's no excuse not to take advantage of this free public space near Lafayette!


The trail's proximity to the Lafayette BART station and downtown shopping area make it a great way for those living in or visiting Lafayette, California, to explore this beautiful city without having to get behind the wheel of their car! Whether you're looking for some exercise on your lunch break, an easy commute from home or work - even just some time away from noisy streets filled with cars and traffic - Brook Street Park is perfect spot.


All ages are welcome at any time of day so bring your friends along too! The only caveat is that dogs must be leashed when entering the park (just as they should anywhere else). Luckily there are plenty of shady trees around where both owners can sit down while keeping their pup close by.

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