Buckeye Fields is a beautiful place to explore with your family. There are many different activities for children and parents to do together. The paths around Buckeye Fields offer scenic views of the surrounding mountains, and an abundance of wildlife. If you're looking for a great outdoors experience, we recommend coming out to see what this large open space has in store!

About Buckeye Fields in Lafayette, California

Buckeye Fields was founded by local residents who wished that they had more outdoor recreational opportunities available near their homes than were currently available at the time. They wanted an area where kids could play outside without having to worry about traffic or other dangers found on busy streets like speeding cars and dog feces. In 1990, volunteers began clearing brush from overgrown fields in the area.

The project received funding from the Lafayette Parks and Recreation Department, and in 1993, they finally broke ground on Buckeye Field with a ceremony that celebrated their hard work as well as future use of this land for generations to come. The expansive field allowed local residents an opportunity to play soccer, softball or volleyball without having to join expensive clubs or pay higher rates at public fields in other areas of town.

Nowadays it's also heavily used by people who wish to jog or walk their dogs on trails throughout the parkland - which is still designated primarily for sports fields because these are so popular among locals!


In 1994, two more acres were added onto Buckeye Fields thanks again largely due to volunteer efforts and donations by members of the community.

The story behind Buckeye Field is a success due to what can be described as a perfect storm: local residents, dedicated volunteers and plenty of support from the City Council all pitching in together with their time and efforts. The result was not only an attractive park but also one that helped raise awareness about how Lafayette could change for the better without having to give up any more land than necessary - or spending huge sums on expensive amenities!

Amenities at Buckeye Field include large fields designated primarily for soccer, softball or volleyball; smaller ones specifically designed for lacrosse or tennis; plus walking trails through grassy meadows dotted with trees that afford beautiful views of surrounding neighborhoods while remaining close enough to residential areas to be convenient for residents.

The park emerged from an elaborate process of public input and design, which included a $500,000 grant by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development that helped Lafayette qualify for over $600 million in state redevelopment funds by demonstrating how it had taken care to preserve land while also improving park space with no cost to taxpayers."

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