How Much Does It Cost To Maintain A Pool Every Month?

As late spring and early summer temperatures increase, you can think of building your own oasis in the backyard, with an in-ground pool, a barbecue area and a lounge area for all your mates. Your place is the most popular place in the neighborhood during hot summer days. You might be able to dive into the swimming pool this year if you thought a long and hard time about positioning it. It is your utter preference, just make sure you understand the sums so that the costly maintenance of a pool does not ruin your well planned budget.


The maintenance costs for the swimming pool can be classified into categories. First, you have heating costs and the water bills. There is also the cost of maintaining the pool to ensure the pool is safe to use. Lastly, the purchasing price of maintenance means you can swim in a comfortable and secure pool.

Heating and Water Bills 

Heating a swimming pool would probably cost approximately 100 $ per month, if you keep it heated during the cooler months. You can install a solar panel in a sunny area, where your water is passively heated by the sun and is pumped on to your roof. The installation costs between $7-9k per year, and the pump could also cost you an additional $50-$100 per year.


If you shut it for winter, you can increase a pool water bill from around $4 dollars to $20 a month, or from $45 to $245 a year or a half. Pools are usually 1⁄4 inch a day, or about 2 inches a week for evaporative water loss.


The average prices vary greatly, from $0.002 for a gallon of water in Tennessee to $0.011 per gallon in San Francisco. For a 14" x 28" pool never filled and losing about 1,858 Gallons per month and 22,298 Gallons per year depending on the atmosphere, sun and humidity in your local environment.

Pool Repair and Maintenance

On average maintenance costs for a pool is approximately $250; however, the frequent cleaning of the pool lowers the costs, so that problems can be recovered early.


  • Pump engine – On average maintenance costs for a pond are about $250, but the regular purification of a pond can minimize costs to recover problems in time.

  • Pool filters - Typical pools use one of three types of filters: cartridge, sand, or diatomaceous earth (DE). One problem causing filter problems could be that pool owners replace a larger model that does not match the original filter for their pool pump. 

  • Leaks - The vinyl pool liner will cost at least $2,500 to fix, but with a little tears of less than 6" it is possible to provide a repair kit for the pool of $20-$200. A new pool liner costs $3,000–$4,000 to repair leaks.

  • Tubing heaters and heaters - Remedying minor issues on your heater or heating tube will range from $100 to $300.

  • Pool Liner Replacement Cost — The construction of a new inbound pool line on average costs $1,400 to $4,800. A pool overhead liner costs between 350 and 1600 dollars, most homeowners between 2.890 dollars and 835 dollars. 


DIY Tips on Pool Maintenance

  • A net is used in the pool to remove larger leaves and scrap. You need to clean the walls of your pool weekly to remove mineral waste and bugs.

  • You want to make your pool water crystal clear and free of garbage, bugs and plants. Many swimming pools have skimmers that catch debris on the surface. The skimmer buckets you want to clean regularly. You should consider adding a Scum Sock that will catch animal fur if you have a dog that joins your pool as well. This decreases the probability of the animal fur not being obstructed by your pump filter.

  • The bottom of the pool should be cleaned from sand and more heavy debris with a cleaning system running at the bottom. It's not the only way. There are several companies that manufacture automatic pool cleaning products, each with different maintenance specifications.

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