Gale Ranch Middle School first opened its doors on August 25, 2008, with the aim of preparing students to succeed in all fields. They monitor and evaluate their progress in this endeavor on a regular basis, making adjustments as required. They are confident in their ability to learn from their mistakes and provide a positive atmosphere in which children can learn, struggle, persevere, and thrive. They were named a California Distinguished School in the 2012/2013 school year, and a California Golden Ribbon school in the 2014/15 school year.


Via the school’s active character development practices and services, their staff, students, and parent group work very hard to promote not only academic success but also overall good citizenship. They have a PTSA and an Education Fund that are both involved. Please visit their websites, which can be found under the Student/Parent Resources tab above. New members are always welcome, as are new ideas.


Gale Ranch Middle School is a diverse community whose goal is to provide a welcoming, healthy, and caring atmosphere in which their students can be holistically equipped to be lifelong learners and effective human beings.

Student Wellness


The Governing Board understands the connection between student health and learning and wishes to include a comprehensive curriculum for district students that promotes healthy eating and physical activity. The Superintendent or designee is responsible for establishing a coordinated school health system that promotes and strengthens health awareness through health education, physical education, health care, nutrition services, psychological and counseling services, staff health promotion, a secure and stable school setting, and parent/guardian and community engagement.


The Superintendent or designee can disseminate health information to parents/guardians through district or school newsletters, handouts, parent/guardian meetings, the district or school website, and other communications to promote clear health messages between the home and school setting. Parents and guardians will be contacted to discuss the connection between student health and academic success.

District Cyber-Bullying Policy

Definition of Cyber Bullying

Cyberbullying is the intentional and repetitive use of electronic information and communication devices to damage an individual or persons through electronic text, images, or videos. This type of action can include, but is not limited to:

  • sending deceptive, evil, and heinous messages

  • Making websites with stories, cartoons, videos, and jokes that make fun of others.

  • Taking control of an email address and sending threatening or humiliating messages to others.

  • Engaging others in electronic correspondence, duping them into disclosing confidential personal information, and then passing it on to others.

  • The use of a student's photo without their consent.

This type of bullying produces an aggressive, destructive atmosphere on school grounds and is a breach of a student's right to feel protected and secure. Harassment and cyberbullying will not be accepted. Threatening, abusing, or bullying a person or a group of individuals, putting an individual in a fair fear of harm or causing damage to the individual's property, or disturbing the school's orderly activity will not be tolerated.

Social networking sites, chat rooms and discussion groups, instant messaging, text messaging, computers, mobile phones and personal digital devices, digital cameras, cell phone cameras, and webcams are among the online practices and technology often used by students who participate in Cyber Bullying. New technologies can be added to the above types of electronic communication when they become available.

San Ramon, California is blessed to be one of the top school districts in all of California.  Here’s a list of our favorites:

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All of these wonderful attractions are located just a short distance from our location at 9835 Belladonna Drive in San Ramon!