Howe Homestead Park is a remote recreational park nestled behind downtown Walnut Creek's lanes. You'd never guess that a little park like this could be found just a few miles from the city center. 


If you're driving down Ygnacio Valley Rd from Concord, turn left on Walnut Blvd and go straight until you enter a small parking lot on the left hand side.


Though it is a small park in and of itself, it is a simple and less busy starting point for the Kovar trail, which leads to Shell Ridge Open Space and endless hiking loops. 


The park itself is very small but features a few bits of old agricultural equipment, few benches to sit and lounge on, and a very big lawn for dogs and kids to run around on (water fountains and toilet facilities are actually closed due to COVID precautions.) 


It also has a community garden next to it, which is interesting to stroll around and see what the neighbors are planting as they grow vegetables. 


There is no charge for parking, and a small path leads to the park. In the park's road are many well-preserved antiques, such as an old agricultural wagon and beekeeper cases. 


A few tables are available for people to rest and have a picnic. If you visit and the bathroom happens to be available, you’ll find that it is immaculately clean.

The Kovar hiking path, which leads to the back of Shell Ridge open space, is the park's most appealing feature. After passing through the yard, you'll come across a decrepit sign that says "Kovar Trail" in faint letters.


You will continue on this trail until you hit a three-way trail junction at the top of a slope. You'll end up heading up those mini steep inclines if you turn around. There's a stunning lookout that overlooks Walnut Creek, the rolling hills, and the highway 24 and 680 freeways. 

Continue climbing before you find a vantage point where you can see a plethora of paths. It's a vantage point from which you can see all of the Shell Ridge open space trails. 


You'll start to descend at this stage, but be cautious because it can be very risky. This will be a fantastic workout, just arrive early and bring plenty of water because it will be humid.

This amazing park is just one of the many must-see parks you don’t want to miss in Walnut Creek, California:

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All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our location at 1261 Locust Street in Walnut Creek!