How Can You Keep The Bottom Of A Pool Clean?

The bottom of a pool can get dirty pretty fast, even if the water is crystal clear. It's important to keep this area clean so that it doesn't become an eyesore and put your family at risk for health issues. Here are some tips on how you can keep the bottom of your pool clean!

This blog post will explore what you need to do in order to maintain the bottom of your pool, including:   - How often should you vacuum?  - What kind of equipment do I need?  - What type of chemicals should I use? - And more!

What Does It Take to Clean the Bottom of Your Pool?

This is one of the most common pool cleaning problems. You can't see it, but over time dirt will settle on the bottom and gradually build up to create a layer or debris that's pretty tough to remove without special equipment-or even sometimes professional pool services. However, your pool will eventually start looking murky as water circulates around all this grit and grime, so you'll want to take care of it before then!

Taking care of your pool keeps you from:

  • Removing all the dirt before it settles on the bottom and becomes a hassle to get rid off.

  • High cost of pool services or replacement

  • Having to clean your pool so often by removing excess debris in one easy step

  • Getting sick of dirty water


It takes some preparation for any type of pool maintenance project involving chemicals (although not always), so be sure you have everything ready:   

  • The proper tools for the job like brushes or vacuum hoses.  

  • Cleaning supplies such as an appropriate cleaner with shock treatment if needed.


What  pool maintenance should you do?

Keeping pool water clear and sparkling throughout the season is a big job! To keep your pool clean, it’s important to have proper pool care service.

For example:  - weekly pool cleaning with professional equipment will help remove dirt from all surfaces of your pool including walls, bottom and floors. It also includes vacuuming out any loose debris that may be floating in the pool or filtering system.  - Weekly chlorination helps maintain an adequate chlorine level for sanitizing the pool's surface, reducing algae growth, controlling bacteria levels (and other microorganisms) plus preventing corrosion on metal parts like swimming ladders.

Benefits of a regular pool maintenance:

  • Your pool will be cleaner and clearer 

  • Chlorine is an essential step in maintaining a clean pool to help keep it sanitized, reduce algae growth, control bacteria levels 

  • Vacuuming removes dirt from all surfaces of your pool including walls, floors and bottom

  • Skimming removes excess oils and fatty acids which can cause cloudy water conditions

  • Proper pool maintenance can help ensure your pool is safe for swimming

How to clean dirt from the bottom of a pool? 

Use a pool vacuum to suck up the dirt from the pool bottom. It is important not to just use a standard pool hose to clean it because you will have too much pressure and may damage your pool floor. If there are leaves on the pool bottom, use a leaf rake or pool netting device to collect them so they don't get stirred up in the water again.

Why using a pool vacuum is such a great idea:

  • Cuts your pool clean time in half

  • Vacuum is easy for anyone to operate and lasts hundreds of hours with few repairs needed. 

  • Get a cleaner, more efficient bottom without the back strain or struggle. 

  • Save on costly chemicals because it cleans better than you do.


Maintain balance of chlorine levels by adding more when needed according to instructions for your level of chlorine if some was lost during vacuuming process (you might need this periodically anyway). Remember that regular maintenance helps keep water clear and free of irritating algae growths which clog filters faster than anything else.

Pool vacuum can be used for a variety of pool cleaning jobs. For example, if you need to do some spot vacuuming or skim the pool floor fast and easily then it is just what you want! It does not take much time at all with this nifty tool in your arsenal.

If you're having trouble keeping your pool clean, it might be time to contact the experts. Pool cleaning professionals can help you get rid of all that dirt on the bottom and keep your water looking pristine for years to come! Don't wait until it gets too bad-come give them a call today!

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