How Do I Keep My Pool Clean?

I'm sure you've seen that the water in your pool can get pretty gross. It's hard to keep clean, but it doesn't have to be! You should add a few things to your pool once a week and make sure to skim out any dirt before you turn on the filter pump. Here are some ways you can do this:

How often should I clean my pool?

Every few days, you should brush the walls and floor of your pool with a long handled pool brush to remove dirt. Use an automatic pool cleaner every other week for about ten minutes per hour of usage (you can tell if it’s dirty by looking inside).

They're really easy to use - just put them into the water, set how often they need to be emptied or replenished with chemicals, then watch as it does all of the work! You only need one for in-ground pools because most above ground ones come with their own cleaners already installed.

  • Cleaner pools in less time

  • Maintain your pool like a pro

  • Lower risk of water vandalism

  • Keep your family safe with clear blue water and bacteria free pool

  • Increase the enjoyment of a pool without all the work  

  • Makes cleaning quick, easy and affordable

  • Get back to enjoying being outside


Regularly skim over the surface of water in your pool using either hand held or automatic skimmers (if available). If there is an algae bloom, this process will need to be done every day until it clears up. You can also use a liquid algaecide if needed. Skimming removes dirt, leaves, sticks and other debris that have fallen into the water over time or jumped in from above. Make sure you get all of it out so bacteria don't form on top of what was left behind.

Rinse off your pool deck and tiles a few times per week. It sounds like it's not much work, but the build up of dirt and debris can cause algae to grow on them which will make your pool dirty more quickly.

Cleaning your pool as often as possible makes it look its best not to mention safer.

• Routine maintenance can help keep your pool at its best

• Decrease the time it takes to clean your pool

• Save energy by using a long handled pool brush instead of manual labor 

• Keep your pool's water safe enough for swimming

• Reduce algae in a few days


What is pool chemistry?

Pool chemistry is the chemical balance and water clarity of a pool. There are three aspects to maintaining this balance: pH, chlorine level and alkalinity.

How often do I add chemicals?

  • Add high quality chlorine tablets on a regular basis according to directions - usually once per week for outdoor pools and twice per week for indoor swimming pools that are not filtered continuously during use. The level of chlorine should stay between 0.25ppm and just under two ppm at all times.

  • Check the level of pH, alkalinity and chlorine in your pool weekly to make sure you are not adding too much or too little. A good range is about seven on the pH scale (0-14), 50 ppm for chloride and 80 - 120ppm for calcium hardness.

  • Be sure that you have enough chlorine in your pool at all times because when chlorine levels drop below one ppm then you risk having bacteria living in there too! Chlorine dissipates from pools so be careful about using too many chemicals at once - only use what's necessary for each treatment.


The benefits of routine maintenance on your pool are clear. Your pool will look its best, be safer for swimmers and take less time to clean if you can afford the time. Professionals recommend a long handled pool brush as it is more efficient than manual labor when cleaning up algae or other unwanted substances in your water. For those who have never cleaned their own pools before, professional cleaning services offer personalized support about how to maintain your swimming space at home. Contact your best pool cleaning service today so that they may help make sure you’re getting the most out of owning a backyard oasis!

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