How Often Should I Backwash My Pool?  

You will have to carry out a backwash to keep your pool clean and your filtration device working smoothly. Understanding the backwashing process and when to do so is one of the most common questions posed by the pool.


Read on to find out exactly what backwashing is, how often you should backwash and how to do it.


What is backwashing?

Backwashing is a filter cleaning process that reverses the water flow through your filter system. Pool filters allow organic material to be extracted by putting the water in a porous medium such as sand. But while clean water is returned to the tub, much larger particles in the filter can be deposited over time.

The accumulation of unwanted particles also leads to a greater pressure on the filter, which can cause damage. When a pool is washed in rejects any pollutants and debris, it moves them through the pump or waste line into a pit. Speak to a professional how to do it, if you want to drain an above ground pool.


So how often should you backwash your pool?

As a rule, your filter should be rinsed and rinsed approximately once a week. After you take the tub, the best time is right. However, you can have to backwash twice weekly if your pool has been used much more than usual.


In addition, if your pond is particularly vulnerable to leaves, it may be more important to wash yourself back because you will be receiving leaves, other plants, and bird pollutants, etc.


However, by inspecting the pressure gage of the sand filter system you can also tell when a backwash will happen. Standard operating pressure is 50 to 75Kpa (kilopascal). However, the pressure reading rises as the sand gets dirty and obstructed. If the Kpa pressure on the measuring system is 80Kpa north, then it is time to reverse it.


When you shouldn’t backwash?

Backwashing is an effective way to clean blocked filters, but often you can stop it. It is recommended that you fully bypass your filter to waste when your pool is infected by or has an algae problem. Live algae will easily move through the medium of the filter and re-enter your tank.


If your pool is exposed to an extremely high degree of waste or debris, you are often recommended to vacuum directly into and out of the water. For instance, if there is a neighbor in the vicinity or road work on the nearby streets.


How To Backwash A Pool Filter

It is recommended to ask for professional help when doing a backwash in your pool. However, if you are planning to do a Do-It-Yourself backwashing, here are the steps you can follow:

  • First, ensure the pump is shut and the filtration system is shut down.

  • The hose used for backwashing must then be clamped to your outlet.

  • Confirm the handle locks and set the "backwash" filter.

  • Wait for the water to be clear.

  • Switch off the pump to stop the backwashing.

  • Again make sure that the filter handle is closed and "rinse" the valve.

  • Enable for a minute the water to clear.

  • Turn off the pump.

  • Switch off the skimmer valve to prevent water from accessing the pool filter.

  • Wash the skimmer basket and hair catcher and position in place again.

  • Turn the filter valve to "filter" and set the skimmer values. Lock the handles, turn on the pump.

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