How Quickly Can You Clean A Green Pool?

Do you have a green pool?  If so, don't panic! There's still hope for your water to turn back to blue. You can clean the pool in as little as 4 hours with an automatic cleaner or scrubber. But if that's not what you're looking for, it might take up to 3 days of manual labor before the water turns clear again. So check out these tips and tricks on how quickly you can clean a green pool!

What causes a swimming pool to turn green? 

There are a couple of different causes that can lead to green pool water, including algae buildup and dirty filters. If the filter has been neglected for too long, clean it first before trying anything else.

There's also something called 'chlorine burn' which is when chlorine from your pool interacts with organic material on the surface to produce chlorine gas - not good! And if you have kids in diapers or wipes going into the pool, clean up any messes as soon as they happen because these materials will only contribute more debris and nutrients for algae growth.

Important things to remember:

  • Green pool water is a common pool concern 

  • Solar pool covers can help keep algae away from pools

  • Dirty filters will need to be cleaned before anything else 

  • Pool maintenance must always come first.


What causes pool algae?

There are many factors which cause an increase in pool algae growth: excessive heat, poor circulation and filtration system, dirty filters, stagnant water just to name a few. A clean filter is your first line of defense against this pesky pest!

Knowing what causes pool algae makes us monitor the following:

  • Keep your pool clean and algae-free

  • Get your filter cleaned in no time

  • Ensure that you're not using dirty filters

  • Find out how to keep your pool's water sparkling!


What type of cleaner should I use?

The best thing about cleaning a green swimming pool is there's many options out there depending on how much time you have available: an automatic  pool cleaner, a manual scrubber robot or even just using your pool net.

How long does it take to clean a green pool?

With the right equipment and chemicals, you can clean up a light shade of green in as little as 30 minutes. Getting rid of algae that's deep or has taken over requires a whole day (or more) worth of cleaning time.

The faster you act on those nasty green patches the better off you'll be so if it's only been two days since your last clean-up session then chances are you're  in the clear and just need to clean up that algae.


Pool owners can benefit from acting fast:

• Save time with a speedy clean up

• Eliminate algae without extensive scrubbing

• Get back to enjoying your pool quicker


How much does it cost?

If you're using a pool cleaning service, then expect to pay about $100 for an automatic cleaner or $150+ for a professional clean-up crew. Manual scrubber robots are cheaper but they don't do as good of a job so if you have time and patience, this is your best bet in terms of green cleanliness!


What Side Effects Could Green Swimming Pool Water Have on Health?

Green pools can be dangerous because they provide excellent breeding grounds for bacteria such as E coli, which could end up getting into our mouths when we go swimming. The chlorine in the water might not kill everything off either; some studies say  it can actually make algae grow even more.

How Can You Prevent Green Pool Water?

Well, the most obvious solution is to clean your pool regularly. But if you don't want to go that far just yet, here are a few other options for getting rid of green algae:

  • Adding chlorine tablets or an algaecide into the water (read directions carefully)

  • Using a vacuum cleaner in shallow areas where debris has collected and adding fresh water every week

  • Upgrading pool maintenance equipment like filters so they filter particles out before entering the pool environment


The key takeaway is this: keeping pools clean means protecting swimmers' health! And now we know how fast it takes too!

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