How Do You Clear Up A Pool That’s Cloudy?

Proper chlorine levels, an imbalanced pH and alkalinity, very high calcium hardness (CH) levels, a weak or clogged filter, early stages of algae, ammonia, and debris are all causes of murky or milky swimming pool water. This article will go over the most common ways to clear cloudy water and restore your pool's health.


How Do You Clear Up A Pool That’s Cloudy?

We will now focus on a cloudy pool water patch after you've solved all of the possible issues that might be causing your water to be cloudy. Here are methods for clearing your cloudy pool:

1. Make the most of your filter system and bottom drainage(s).

The main skimmer in your pool is located at the top of the pool and helps to clear the top, but it does not collect the cloudy particles that collect at the bottom. Knowing this, we must assist the filter in reaching certain particles.


There are two ways to do this:

  • Stir the water often, either by swimming or using a pool brush, to bring the particles closer to the pool's surface.

  • The bottom drains should be turned on.


Any inground pool should have one or two bottom drains so that you can easily use them. This will allow the filter to begin removing water from the pool's bottom, where the cloudy particles are, and circulating the clean water back to the surface.


Simply connect your handheld vacuum cleaner as if you were about to vacuum your pool, but instead of vacuuming it, turn it upside down and leaving it at the bottom (in the center of your pool). Your pool filter will now use your manual vacuum to pull water from the bottom of your pool and release the clean filtered water to the surface.


2. Making use of A Pool Clarifier.

It's always a safe idea to use a pool water clarifier on a weekly basis. Pool clarifiers capture the small particles that cause cloudiness in your pool water and combine them into larger particles so that your filter can pick them up more quickly. This is referred to as a coagulant, a term used to describe blood clots.


The particles would have a hard time being picked up by your pool filter if they aren't clumped together, so this chemical "clots" them together, allowing your filter to catch them.


Most swimming pool chemical stores can stock many different types of pool clarifiers. Simply inquire as to whether the compound is a coagulant, and you'll be well on your way to a crystal clear lake.

3. Use pool floc.

Pool flocculant, also known as "floc," is similar to a pool clarifier but isn't exactly the same. Pool floc, such as this one from Aqua Chem (click here to check the price on Amazon), is made by dissolving the powder in water and then spreading it over the pool's surface. Turn off the filter pump and leave it off for up to 48 hours. The particles that are clouding your pool can clump together during this time. Instead of going through the filter, they will collect at the pool's bottom. To clear the water, vacuum up the clump of particles with your manual vacuum.


4. Regular maintenance.

Maintaining your pool during the season will not only keep it looking fantastic, but it will also ensure that anyone who wants to jump in will be healthy. Establish a weekly maintenance schedule to track the health and quality of your pool for the best results.


The following things should be included in regular pool maintenance:

  • Big debris (such as leaves) must be removed from the water.

  • Cleaning the pool's bottom and sides to remove debris and algae.

  • The pool vacuum is being used.

  • Checking the filter for any large clumps and removing them.

  • Chlorine, pH, and other levels are tested.

  • The pool is being shocked.

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