How Do I Keep My Pool Crystal Clear?

With a pool in the backyard, it can be a nice way to stay cool in the warm summer months. But it is also difficult to maintain a pool, particularly if you want the water crystal clear all seasons. If you ignore your swimming pool, the water can become rushed, gloomy, even green. But it takes only a few crucial steps regularly practiced to make your pool transparent and enjoyable, so that family and friends will always be able to enjoy it.


1. Water monitoring and chemical balance weekly.

Each pool, even the best held, has germs and bacteria but it is removed with chlorine above 1 ppm. Algae are plant types that need nutrients to live. When the chlorine level is low, the right algae can be found almost overnight. This is widely known as "Algae Bloom," which can turn a swimming pool entirely green and cause it to be closed down for at least several days a week.

2. Regularly clean, skim and brush the pool.

You must remove organic materials including leaves, insects and other debris to keep your pool water clean and sparkling. Although your filter eliminates smaller particles, large elements can not be integrated into the device. You could break down and leave your pool dirty and cloudy if you're left to sit in the water. Treat yourself daily to skimming the pool to remove larger waste. It might be enough once or twice a day, depending on the landscape around your pool.


3. Maintain a proper water circulation system.

Swimming pools are designed to flow water through the system at a certain pace to ensure that contaminants and disinfectants are properly filtered and circulated. The chlorine sticks or tables in the skimmer Baskets is one of the most common mistakes in the field. Many chlorine sticks and tablets are very acidic and easily start eroding the pump impeller in the skimmers, which decreases the flow of water and leads significantly to a cloudy pool or the growth of algae. So, eliminate waste from the skimmer and the line basket and not use skimmers to add hazardous chemicals.


4. Maintain the highest filtering efficiency with your filter.

If you have a filter in the shower, it's easier to clean up the pool. It takes a lot of time to skim and clean, that is always an added advantage. To maintain a high-performance filter, however, it must remain clean. Since your pool filter begins to clamp with debris over time, after weeks and weeks of filtering your water. From visible hair fibers to microscopic soil, sand and other pollutants. The easiest way is to keep your pool filter cleared, if you want to keep your physical pool cleaning activities to a minimum.


5. Weekly treatment of algaecide and shock.

Even if you keep the right amounts of chlorine and pH in your pool, water can need a little boost in order to keep it crystal clear. You can shock or super-chlorinate your pool once a week, in order to kill any rising bacteria or algal. There are shock treatments at your bowl supply store; review the product directions carefully to see how much shock you have to apply to the water because it varies according to the size of the bowl. You can also treat the water with an algaecide if you have found algae growing on your pool wall, a chemical specifically formulated to destroy algae. It is necessary to prevent growth from turning your pool of water into green, yellow, or cloudy.

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