Piccadilly Park is a brand new park known as Dinosaur Park thanks to the dinosaur theme on the playground. There are two different play structures, one for younger children and the other for older children. A dinosaur dig sand area, indoor climbing structures, trike loop, swings, and a wide flat field suitable for sports are all available. A well-kept bathroom can be found next to the smaller play structure. If you have small children that want to bolt,People like that there is a fence that runs the length of the park.


It has new play structures on various corners of the park, a large grassy area in the centre, a paved walking/bike path that circles the entire park, as well as a small basketball court and a gazebo. The playgrounds are good, if a little thin, but the structures are too far apart for you to watch both at the same time.

In between the play areas, there are cool, clean bathrooms. All is beautifully landscaped and in excellent condition, but there is no shade, so be careful if you visit on a hot day! This park always seems to be hotter than the others, it doesn't get much wind, and there aren't many trees.


Since the park is situated in a suburban neighborhood, it is relatively quiet. There are two separate play areas, one for toddlers and the other for older children. There's even a sandbox where kids can find dinosaur fossils. There is a wide field area for all sorts of enjoyable sports! The bathrooms are spacious and well-kept. The weather in San Ramon is a little sunny, and there isn't much shade. Aside from that, it's a wonderful place to take the kids.


A wide grass field in the center is surrounded by a road. Kids can ride their scooters or bikes on the road. A basketball hoop is also present. It's a beautiful park to have close by.


Parks are an integral part of the urban infrastructure, offering opportunities for physical exercise, socialization, and relaxation for families and communities. People who exercise outdoors in green spaces have improved mental wellbeing, according to studies. It is vital for the public's physical and mental well-being to include activities for people of all ages, abilities, and income levels.

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All of these wonderful attractions are located just a short distance from our location at 9835 Belladonna Drive in San Ramon!