What Steps To Make My Pool Water Crystal Clear?

Have you ever gone to the pool and found your water cloudy? Maybe it was because of a storm, or just old leaves. Whatever the case is, if you want to keep your pool crystal clear for all of summer then follow these steps!

How can I maintain pool water crystal clear all season long?

Maintaining proper chemical levels in your pool is the most important step in keeping the water crystal clear. Administer Shock and Algaecide Weekly, Backwashing your pool regularly, Skimming of pool on a regular basis are all necessary to keep crystal clear water at all times.

Things to remember to keep your pool crystal clear:

  • Save time with a professional

  • Ensure optimum chemical levels for crystal-clear pool water

  • Keeps dust and debris out of your pool


What is shock therapy for swimming pools?

Shock therapy, also known as Chlorine Shock Treatment is a method of using chlorine to quickly lower the levels of bacteria and algae in pool water.

The shock treatment gets its name from the sudden drop in pH that it produces which then destroys or removes any microorganisms and causes them to become inactive for periods of time. With crystal-clear pools being such a rarity today, this process can be an effective way to keep your pool crystal clear while reducing chemical usage by up to 50%.

Any time there’s been an extreme change or addition to the chemistry balance (example: adding too much chlorine), shock therapy will be needed to restore it back. It’s recommended to administer this every two weeks for peak performance when you have a lot of people using your pool.

Benefits of shock therapy:

  • Shock therapy helps to clear clogged filters and remove algae 

  • Save on money by reducing the amount of chlorine needed 

  • Saves time and effort because you don't need to shock your pool every day 

  • Increases swimming pleasure with a reduction in skin irritations

  • Refreshes pool water after heavy use, such as parties or extended swim sessions


What are other ways I can clean my swimming pool? What would you recommend when looking at keeping crystal clear water throughout summer?

There are many different types of cleaners for swimming pools on the market! A good place to start is with  an algaecide and crystal clear shock.

  • Cleaner is effective at removing residue and keeping your water crystal clear

  • Cleaners use an algaecide to remove algae rather than chemical-based treatment 

  • It features a natural filter that eliminates chlorine odor, eye irritation, allergies, and other potentially harmful chemicals 

  • It has a non-irritating formula that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals like chlorine that can trigger skin sensitivities or aggravate respiratory conditions

How do you backwash your pool?

Backwashing is the process of reversing the flow through your pool’s pipes to remove dirt, debris and other contaminants from accumulating on filters.


To backwash a pool:

  • Turn off pumps or close valves before opening skimmer vents and draining water out of the pool.

  • Close filter inlet valve, open outlet valve then open pump's drain valve all at once according to manufacturer instructions; repeat until water coming out of pipe passes freely under pressure.

  • When finished with either method, close all valves/skimmers while you refill your pool.


A crystal-clear pool can be the ultimate summertime retreat. It's important to keep your water clean and clear, but also save time by hiring a professional or following tips for DIY maintenance. If you want help with pool care this season then contact your trusted pool cleaning service!

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