Sugarloaf is found in southern Walnut Creek, near Interstate 680.There are several picnic areas, a native plant garden, and an amphitheater, in addition to several short walks.


About 3 miles of trails run through this 177-acre open area. It's a remote natural area and black walnut orchards can be found here, as well as ridge top trails with views of Mount Diablo, Las Trampas Ridge, and Shell Ridge. 


The key entrance to Sugarloaf Open Space is Young's Valley Road. In addition to being a great spot for a picnic and a hike to the peak of Sugarloaf Hill, it also serves as the starting point for the Sugarloaf to Shell Ridge Trail.


The first 1.25 miles to the Sunburst Court entry to Shell Ridge are largely on asphalt urban track. In the winter, this part is ideal for rainy-day hikes. 


Borges Ranch is roughly 4 miles away; you might want to leave a vehicle at Borges Ranch to shuttle back to the start. When you arrive at the Young's Valley entry, follow the gravel parking lot all the way to the end, past a barn on your left.


The trail's beginning will be marked by a sign. Your reference point is 230 feet above sea level. Walk up the bark-covered path to the paved portion at the top of a rise. 


When you near the top of the rise, keep an eye out for Western Bluebirds flying from perches to feed in the grasses around the trail's edge. 


The Northern Flicker, a common visitor to the area, can be seen perched in a treetop. In this portion of the route, take note of the many young oak trees.

There are many trails that snake up and down the hillside and have spectacular views. Since these trails are largely open to the sun, hiking on a hot day is not advised. 

Hikers usually check out a collection of some interesting vintage farming equipment parts near the picnic spot. Hike up the gentle incline Orchard Trail, along the Ridge Top Trail, and then down the Bottom Springs Trail. 


Along Ridge Top Trail, between Orchard and Center Trail, there's a great bench under a big, shady tree.

If you cross the gate on Orchard Trail, once it continues to ascend up the hillside, dogs were allowed off-leash if they were under voice supervision. 

However, after the cattle have returned, the gate has been closed, and an electric fence has been installed, with dogs being forced to remain on a leash.

Trash cans, multiple water fountains, a sink, picnic tables, a reservable amphitheater, BBQ pits, and party camping areas are all available at this facility. A bathroom is located near the picnic area.

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