Cal Pool Care Offers Weekly Pool Cleaning Services to Danville, Blackhawk, & Pleasanton


San Ramon, CA - Cal Pool Care is a top pool cleaning service in San Ramon, California. They offer pool cleaning services in the Tri-Valley and surrounding areas. The company services in-ground swimming pools, water fountains, and spas. They offer pool cleaning services in the Tri-Valley and surrounding areas. The company services in-ground swimming pools, water fountains, and spas. They have now started offering weekly pool cleaning services in Pleasant Hill, Concord, Walnut Creek, Danville, Blackhawk, Alamo, Dublin, Livermore, & Pleasanton areas.  


Cal Pool Care offers pool cleaning, repair, and installation services. They have various pool cleaning packages to meet client requirements. The company's pool cleaning services include: 

  • Testing and recording chemical levels

  • Balancing chemicals in the pool

  • Skimming the surface of leaves and debris

  • Cleaning the skimmer and pump basket

  • Cleaning the pool sweep bag

  • Brushing the steps and swim outs

  • Vacuuming necessary 


Cal Pool Care also offers additional pool cleaning services like pool filter cleaning, excessive debris clean up, pool vacuuming, annual salting, solar start-up, and winterizing. 


Besides pool cleaning, the company provides pool repair and installation services. Their professional team of licensed and trained professionals can repair multiple problems in the pool and replace or repair different brands of pool equipment. The team at Cal Pool Care can fix pool motors, pool lights, pool timers, pool heaters, filters, pumps, pool plumbing, pool tiles, valves, pool skimmers, main drains, leaks in the pool, issues with pool automation, and more.  


This top pool cleaner in San Ramon, California, believes that great service comes from experienced and friendly professionals. As such, the company puts in a lot of time and effort in selecting only the best technicians to join their team. All projects taken up by the Cal Pool Care team are completed efficiently and timely. The company's pool technicians are friendly and supportive and ensure complete customer satisfaction through their top-class pool service. The technicians ensure to communicate well with clients and establish long-lasting relationships. As a result, they provide weekly pool maintenance services that help to keep the clients' pools clean, and the water pH balanced and safe.  


Having been in operation for years, the pool cleaning service in San Ramon has earned many positive reviews and testimonials from clients across the Tri-Valley area.


The team at Cal Pool Repair understands how frustrating it can be if the pool is not functioning properly or if the pool equipment is broken or damaged. The company's team of professionals will do their best to ensure customers are happy with the service and can enjoy their pools again in Danville, Blackhawk, and Pleasanton areas. 


Cal Pool Care is located at 9835 Belladonna Dr, San Ramon, CA, 94582. Individuals interested in getting pool maintenance or repair can visit their website for more information about their services or contact them on (925) 786-2068 to schedule a service.

Company Name: Cal Pool Care

Contact Person: Mark Verlatti


Phone: (925) 786-2068

Address: 9835 Belladonna Dr

City: San Ramon

State: CA

Country: US


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